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We purchase our own monitors and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The Samsung CRG9 is a good super ultrawide monitor.

It has good reflection handling and gets very bright, enough to overcome glare with ease. Fast-moving scenes look clear and smooth, as it has a high refresh rate and quick response time, and it supports variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing.

Also, black uniformity is bad on our unit, although your experience may vary. Viewing angles are sub-par; however, the screen's curvature helps with visibility on the sides. Overall, the Samsung CRG9 is a good monitor for most uses. It delivers a great gaming experience, as it has excellent low input lag and impressive motion handling. Its large, high-resolution screen is excellent for office use or media creation, allowing you to have multiple windows opened side-by-side.

Unfortunately, the image degrades at an angle, and due to the large size of the display, it has limited ergonomics. The Samsung CRG9 is a good office monitor.

The wide, high-resolution screen is great for multitasking, and it supports Picture-by-Picture, allowing to display images from two sources at once. It also has excellent peak brightness and great reflection handling, so glare shouldn't be an issue even in the brightest settings. Unfortunately, the image degrades when viewed at an angle, and due to the large display, it has limited ergonomics. The Samsung CRG9 is great for gaming.

It has impressive motion handling due to its fast response time, resulting in very clear motion. It also has excellent low input lag at its native refresh rate, and it supports FreeSync to reduce screen tearing, though only over DisplayPort. Unfortunately, the image degrades at an angle, so it isn't ideal for co-op gaming. The Samsung CRG9 is good for media consumption. The huge screen delivers an impressive movie experience, but it has only a decent contrast ratio and bad black uniformity, so it isn't great in a dark room.

It has great reflection handling, though, and it gets extremely bright, making it a good choice for well-lit rooms. Unfortunately, the image degrades at an angle, so it isn't as well-suited for sharing content with others. The Samsung CRG9 is good for media creation. It has a huge amount of screen real estate, so you can spend more time creating, and less time scrolling and zooming.

Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles and limited ergonomics, so it isn't a good choice for sharing the screen with clients or coworkers. It has excellent low input lag, great peak brightness in HDR, and the impressive resolution and size deliver a more immersive gaming experience. Unfortunately, it has only decent contrast, an ineffective local dimming feature, and bad black uniformity, so it doesn't look great in a dark room.

The Samsung CRG9 has a sleek but simple design. The borders are thin on three sides while the bottom bezel is just slightly thicker.Browse more conveniently on our mobile app. The Samsung CRG9 is a good ultrawide monitor with an impressive amount of screen real estate, great for multitasking. The CRG90's expanded p vertical resolution and Hz refresh rate makes it the ideal ultrawide for gaming and productivity, and a stylish centrepiece for any setup.

With screen space equivalent to two inch QHD displays side by side, the inch curved monitor delivers a wider view for winning play. With a Super Ultra-Wide ratio, the CRG9 curves around your field of view to immerse you in all the onscreen gaming action. The rapid Hz screen refresh rate minimizes image lag and motion blur for smoother gaming. The user-friendly 60 Hz settings let you quickly optimize performance via the on-screen display without having to access the display setting menu.

The game-optimized monitor is designed to let you play to win. Turn on Game Mode to instantly adjust contrast and color settings for any game genre, switch to Low Input Lag Mode for even faster response times, and target your enemies more accurately with Virtual Aim Point onscreen crosshairs. With Picture-by-Picture you can connect and view input sources without degrading the original image quality.

Picture-by-Picture offers convenience for PC games.

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For example, you can watch a movie and do a web search whilst playing your favorite game. Eye Saver Mode reduces fatigue-inducing blue light emissions and Flicker Free technology suppresses distracting screen flicker, letting you play for longer with less eye strain. The Samsung CRG9 is a symbol of what's possible with video games, and console gamers should be a little jealous. From the inch curved experience to the inch curved monitor, Samsung showcases its design and gaming solutions for all users.

Samsung accounted for Samsung bills its newly announced CRG9 curved gaming monitor as a "super ultra-wide" screen, and it's not exaggerating. The CRG9 also has a Hz refresh rate, which makes for super-smooth gaming as long as you have a computer powerful enough to run games at such a high refresh rate and on such a wide monitor.

The Samsung C49RG90 is the latest evolution in the crazy-popular super ultrawide segment which includes the best specifications the industry has to offer. Samsung offers minimalist Space Monitor for modern workspaces, super ultra-wide inch CRG9 monitor for the ultimate gaming experience and slim design 4K UHD curved monitor for content creators. A huge shout out to everyone who visited our booth and brought along the fun! Check out the Gamescom event page here:.

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This product is not manufactured by Samsung, however, you will be redirected to an external website for purchasing. For additional inquries about the product, please contact our partner company. You're using an outdated version. Please update to the latest version, otherwise you can't use out service properly.We purchase our own monitors and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Since the two technologies are not interchangeable, up until now, it has been important to choose a monitor that uses the same technology as your graphics card.

While developing the new driver, NVIDIA tested over different FreeSync displays, and identified 12 monitors that meet their implementation standard. According to NVIDIA, the unsupported monitors displayed a range of FreeSync issues, ranging from minor tearing and blur, to screen blanking or motion duplications.

In this article, we use FreeSync instead of Adaptive Sync for simplicity's sake. Enabling FreeSync delivers a tear-free gaming experience, great when the frame rate drops below your monitor's native refresh rate. We start at the monitor's standard refresh rate, and gradually decrease the sliders until we could see any issues.

From there, we gradually increase the sliders until we start seeing tearing or other issues.

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The results of both of these tests give us the effective variable refresh rate range. We repeat the test at least twice to confirm our findings. The possible results are:.

samsung crg90 g sync

In order to use the new mode, you must have an NVIDIAor series graphics card, and it must be connected to your monitor with a DisplayPort cable. Depending on your specific monitor, you may need to enable FreeSync from the on-screen display. They are:. The six new monitors are:. This test is by no means exhaustive, and your results may vary depending on the specific games you are playing, and your specific graphics card.

On most monitors, we did still observe some tearing, especially during rapid refresh rate changes. This could cause a few seconds of tearing when changing from pre-rendered cutscenes in games, to the in-game engine, or if the game suddenly slows down significantly. On all monitors, the screen would usually start tearing within fps of the monitor's maximum refresh rate. The exact same behavior was observed when testing the monitors on an AMD Radeon card, and is caused by the refresh rate very briefly exceeding the display's maximum refresh rate.

We hope to expand this test in the future, let us know in the discussions down below if you have any suggestions on things we could check. So far, the implementation seems to work well with the majority of FreeSync monitors currently on the market, and we hope that it will only improve in the future. Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results no blurred results. Get insider access. Best Monitors.Undergraduate Program Visit the Undergraduate section of this website Research at Statistics See what major areas of research interests exist in Statistics at UW-Madison.

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No one worked harder on every part of their life than Gord. Thank you for all the help and support over the past two years. Join Spirit of the West with hosts Dave Bidini and Boom 97.

Samsung Introduces 240Hz G-SYNC Compatible Curved Gaming Monitor CRG5

Doors open at 7PM and performances start at 8PM on September 13, 2017 at the Mod Club Theatre, 722 College Street in Toronto, Ontario. Since 2015, John has used the power of song to raise awareness about music therapy for people living with dementia.

All proceeds from the concert support the Alzheimer Society of Toronto's Music Project, which provides personalized playlists and iPods for people living with dementia in Toronto. Concert-goers will be participating in the second annual Fund-A-Need, which aims to raise enough money to supply music to 400 people living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, so get ready to donate.

samsung crg90 g sync

This weekend we're in West Vancouver for a free show. Craig is also doing a show there with The Transcanada Highwaymen. Lots of Odds for Fredericton. We had some special guests out to add to the fun in the sun (and giant bathtub). Nick Jones of Pointed Sticks sang. Dale Powers of the Dishrags was there. Vince Ditrich of Spirit of the West crooned a lovely "Spanish Eyes".

Chris Jeffs photo creditDoug has invented new rock riffs for today's show. Don't miss this Nanaimo. When we say explosion. We have each other. Here's a note from our friends. Love you forever Gord. Tom Petty, Staple of Rock Radio With the Heartbreakers, Dies at 66A singer, songwriter and guitarist, Mr. The Spirit of JohnThe Spirit of John, now in its third year, is an incredible night of music and revelry that celebrates John Mann, his music, and the powerful effect melody can have on memory.

It's the famous COHO Festival 2017. Just look at this list of talent that came to prominence in the 90s: Acid Test, The Age Of Electric, Alanis Morissette, Amanda Marshall, Artificial Joy Club, Ashley MacIsaac, Barstool Prophets, Bif Naked, Big Wreck, Blinker The Star, Bootsauce, Bran Van 3000, By Divine Right, Change of Heart, Chantal Kreviazuk, Copyright, Crash Test Dummies, Crash Vegas, Doughboys, Duotang, Econoline Crush, Erics Trip, The Gandharvas, Glueleg, Gob, The Grapes Of Wrath, Great Big Sea, Hardship Post, Hayden, Headstones, Holly McNarland, I MOTHER EARTH, The Inbreds, Jale, Junkhouse, The Killjoys, Lava Hay, Len, Leslie Spit Treeo, Limblifter, Matthew Good, Melanie Doane, Miller Stain Limit, Moist, Mollies Revenge, The Monoxides, Morganfields, Mystery Machine, The New Meanies, Northern Pikes, Odds, Our Lady Peace, The Philosopher Kings, Pluto, Pure, TPOH, Rheostatics, Rymes With Orange, Salmonblaster, Salvador Dream, Sandbox, Sarah McLachlan, Scratching Post, SIANspheric, Skydiggers, Sloan Music, Smoother, Sons of Freedom, Starkicker, The Tea Party, 13 Engines,Thrush Hermit, The Tragically Hip, Treble Charger, Tristan Psionic, The Waltons, Wild Strawberries, Zuckerbaby, Zumpano Ps.

All the bands in blue have official Facebook pages you can follow. Track your favorite artists on Songkick and never miss another concert. Join Spirit of the West with host Dave Bidini for an incredible night of music with performances by Danny Michel, Andy Maize. It's free and only takes 2 minutes.We have seen some of the most beutiful placeswater falls, glaciers, country side, mountains, lavas etc in this tour making it a very memorable 25th wedding anniversary celebrations for us.

Everything was perfectly organised and the entire trip went off without a hitch. The tips and suggestions given to us by Alexandra were very beneficial.

Samsung CRG9 Super Ultrawide or Dual Screen - For Gaming

A well organised and professional organisation with very a helpful agent. Our Scandinavian experience was very enjoyable and we will certainly use Nordic Visitor in the future. Hafdis really understood what we were looking for, and booked our accommodations perfectly. Booking through Nordic Visitor made our trip so much more enjoyable.

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It took out all the time and confusion with planning an adventure in another country, and allowed us to enjoy it all so much more. It was recommended to us from a co-worker, and we were so thankful. The cost was so reasonable for how beneficial it was. And yes it was coming up to a year ago, but the memories are still strong as I am currently making a photo book of our trip. I would like to congratulate you on the very comprehensive information you sent us prior to the tour.

We have done many international tours, but have never received such comprehensive pre-tour advice. That combined with the maps made it easier for us to navigate around Iceland, which was harder than I first thought. I would also like to congratulate you on your response to any of our queries prior to leaving. Any query was handled quickly and efficiently. Our trip around Iceland was one of the best "adventures" we have ever undertaken and we owe this fantastic experience to Nordic Visitor and specifically our travel agent Hilmar.

Iceland proved to be a hidden jewel that we hope to be able to visit again one day!!. We had an amazing time in Kirkenes. Although we couldn't stay in the Snow Hotel due to dripping, we stayed in their lovely cabins. The staff made us feel like family and everything was great.

All in all, it was a very special thing to do, and will stay in our memory forever. We really enjoyed our stay. Everything was clearly explained and easy to follow. It was the first holiday I had taken my family on abroad so I was nervous about the details. Nordic visitor tours were amazing, everything was organised perfectly and written clearly. It was a magical holiday. Overall experience was excellent, we travelled as a couple to celebrate my 50th birthday and everything went to plan with no problems.

From the initial reservation, to the superb welcome at the airport, and the transfers, tours and hotels, this was a very memorable experience. I am looking forward to another trip with Nordic Visitor. We really didn't know what to expect on this tour and were pleasantly surprised by the quality accommodations, service, and events. The staff was great - everyone. Overall it was a great way to see Norway when you have limited time. It was a great way to see the country from different types of transport and the excursion for the Northern Lights were great.

The guide was very helpful and tried to get the best advantage points for some great pictures. The dog sledding was also a wonderful experience which we would not have missed. The dogs were so friendly and instructions on sledding clear - with a hearty reindeer and vegetable meal to warm us up after the chilly sledding.

We have not hesitate to tell others of our experience and now find some friends and family have now added it to their 'bucket list'.

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